Entrepreneurship and Mediation

The ABA Dispute Resolution Section will again observe “Mediation Week” on October 14-18, 2013, encouraging local events and teaching sessions to foster the use of mediation in various contexts.  Attorney Peter V. Arcese has assembled a panel of mediators including myself, Patrick Westerkamp and Eunice Salton to a discussion on “Entrepreneurship and Mediation” to be held at Indiegrove, 121 Newark Ave., Jersey City, NJ at 6:30 pm on Wednesday, October 16.

Arcese notes:

Entrepreneurs are uniquely situated at the intersection of commerce and community.  This timely panel discussion will educate entrepreneurs about applications of commercial, community and transformative mediation relevant to their businesses and industries, as well as the communities they serve.  Entrepreneurs are acutely aware of the need to optimize time and cost, know that managing, resolving and transforming conflict increase productivity.  They also thrive on diversity by understanding the needs and relations of their constituents.

It should be a provocative discussion, and I hope those in the area will make it a point to attend and participate.

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