ADR in Business Courts

Monday, July 12, is the cut-off date for Early Bird Registration for the ABA Annual Meeting in San Francisco.  I will be speaking on a panel on arbitration, with such luminaries as Mark Trachtenberg, Deborah Rothman and Rob Friedman, who argued Jackson v. Rent-a-Center before the Supreme Court.  (Honestly, sometimes I really am amazed at the clubs who will let in the likes of me!)

But a specially interesting panel is one that Lawrence D.W. Graves has assembled as Chair of the Dispute Resolution Committee of the Business Law Section: “ADR in Business Courts.”

The panel will be moderated by Chief Judge Ben Tennille of the North Carolina Business Court.  Speakers include Judge Steven I. Platt of Maryland; Judge Ira B. Warshawsky of the Commercial Division, New York Supreme Court; Robert E. Margulies, who designed the 15-year old Complementary Dispute Resolution program for the Superior Courts of the State of New Jersey; Judge Elizabeth Stong of the United Stated Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of New York; and Vice Chancellor Don Parsons of the Delaware Court of Chancery.

Listening to these ladies and gentlemen discuss the court’s interest in clearing its docket, and their own commitment to helping commercial parties to resolve their disputes, should be a rare and valuable opportunity.  Be there!

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