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Final Report Issued by Prof. Ruggie's Business and Human Rights Initiative

Harvard Prof. John Ruggie, the UN Secretary-General’s Special Representative for business and human rights, has released the final report of his work and presented it to the UN Human Rights Council.

The Final Report is the definitive statement of principles for stakeholders in disputes implicating violations of human rights as a result of corporate operations among indigenous peoples.   It presents detailed explanation of Ruggie’s now-familiar “Protect, Respect and Remedy” Framework.

States the Report: 

The Framework rests on three pillars.  The first is the State duty to protect against human rights abuses by third parties, including business enterprises, through appropriate policies, regulation and adjudication.  The second is the corporate responsibility to protect human rights, which means that business enterprises should act with due diligence to avoid infringing on the rights of others and to address adverse impacts with which they are involved.  The third is the need for greater access by victims to effective remedy, both judicial and non-judicial.

These three components are necessarily inter-active and mutually dependent.  I have been honored to advise upon one aspect of this task: the fashioning and provision of non-judicial remedies for grievances that arise as a result of corporate practices within communities. 

BASESwiki, an online resource that is a project of the Harvard Kennedy School’s Initiative on Corporate Social Responsibility, is a very powerful way of providing information concerning access to non-judicial remedies, and I have been honored to periodically consult with the leadership and staff of that efforts a member of its Steering Group.   It features case studies, regional resources,  judicial and non-judicial processes by country, and a host of other information.

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