Comment Invited on Criteria for Cross-Cultural Mediators

Over the transom from our good friends at the International Mediation Institute comes this announcement:

The Inter-Cultural Taskforce of the IMI Independent Standards Commission (ISC), after a year of meetings and consultation, is publishing  for comment Draft Criteria for the planned IMI Inter-Cultural Competency Certification of Mediators.

Organisations approved by the ISC as an Inter-Cultural Qualifying Assessment Program (ICQAP) will assess mediators for their mastery of inter-cultural dynamics and qualify mediators for IMI Inter-Cultural Certification. The launch of this new initiative is planned for late 2011 following a public consultation period and testing of the criteria in a pilot program.

This is the first I heard of this initiative, and all I know is what I read.  From what I read….

The IMI seems to be concerned to address mediators who may hold themselves out as skilled in cross-cultural negotiation, while providing end-users with no ciiteria to demonstrate those skills.  As I understand it, IMI seeks both to (1) promulgate objective criteria by which cross-cultural competencu can be measured, and (ii) designate provider or training rganizations which would apply those criteria to individual mediators, in effect certifying their cross-cultural competency according to standards that were both consistent and appropriate.  (Links to the draft criteria, and to the Taskforce that drafted them, appear at the top of this post.)

IMI is seeking comment on those standards.  The announcement also states IMI’s intention to explain this initiative further at the ABA Dispute Resolution Section in Denver in April (at which, I am sure, they will get the views of many mediators but not necessarily many end-users).

The IMI further notes: ” Comments on the criteria are invited by April 30, 2011 and can be sent to All comments received will be greatly appreciated and individually acknowledged.”

By implication, dear reader, please don’t send comments on the draft criteria to me.  On the other hand, comments on the initiative itself are most welcome, in the “Comment” box below.

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