New Feature: International Mediation Resources

My periodic attendance at the UIA’s World Mediation Forum, as well as the opportunity to attend the Chamonix Conference last April and the contacts and friendships I made while serving the CPR Institute for ten years, have all prompted the creation of a “Directory” of ADR organizations around the world. 

This Directory is now posted at the host web site,, under the title “ADR Resources.”

These resources are divided into two categories.  One lists major ADR institutions of international status, that provide educational and informational resources on a global scale.  These include ICDR, WIPO, CeDR, CPR, LCIA, IMI and other organizations of broad scope.

The second category lists mediation and conciliation centers in more than 60 countries, along with their web sites or (in some cases) contact listings.  Many of these organizations are Chambers of Commerce that include, among their activities, arbitration and mediation capabilities.  They are listed alphabetically for ease of those seeking information on ADR in a specific country.

I hope this resource site is useful to its intended audience — commercial conflict managers and those who advise them.  I also trust that readers will advise of any organizations missing from the list, in order to make this Directory as complete as possible.

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