Need a Nigerian Mediator? There's an App for That!

From those wonderful people who brought you the International Mediation Institute comes word of a holiday present worth opening: the IMI app!  The world of mediation, right there at your fingertips!

Michael Leathes and Irena Vanenkova, not satisfied with mere global success, have pushed the borders of the expected once more.  It was one thing to identify qualified mediators in Peru and provide free access to that information — now you don’t have to be at your desk to do it.

The app is called the IMI Web App and you load it like this:  In Safari or Chrome, bring up  Then bookmark the site or load it onto your screen.  And there you are!

For young attorneys looking for a way to impress, why not be able to provide the boss with the names of a few Slovinian mediators within a few seconds?  Ha-cha-cha!

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