Changes at ICC ADR Staff

Calliope Sudborough has kindly written to advise of staff changes at the ADR Section of the International Chamber of Commerce. 

She writes of the following appointments:

Hannah Tuempel as Manager for ADR, Expertise, Dispute Boards and Docdex. Hannah is a German qualified lawyer and a trained mediator. She studied law at the universities of Passau and Berlin in Germany as well as in Siena in Italy and Lisbon in Portugal. She holds a MA degree in mediation from the university of Frankfurt/Oder (Germany). Prior to joining the ICC in 2007, Hannah had worked for the German Federal Foreign Office in Berlin and Brussels. Since early 2007, Hannah was a Deputy Counsel at the Secretariat of the International Court of Arbitration, working as a member of the case management team dealing mostly with cases from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Eastern Europe. Hannah speaks German, English, French and Italian.


Calliope M. Sudborough as Deputy Manager for ADR, Expertise, Dispute Boards and Docdex. Calliope is an American attorney admitted to the Bar of New York.  She holds a postgraduate juris doctor degree with a specialization in international law.  Calliope began her career at ICC as Project Manager – Lawyer within ICC Dispute Resolution Services, managing cases under ICC ADR, Expertise, Dispute Board, and DOCDEX Rules.  As Project Manager, Calliope was also in charge of the ICC International Commercial Mediation Competition. Calliope speaks English, Greek, French, Spanish, and Italian.

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