Arbitration Expands into Arbitration

With a new CEO at the helm of, after a generation of loyal and visionary service by co-founder Jim Melamed, the pre-eminent online resource for mediation has now launched an initiative to offer the pre-eminent online resource for arbitration. Launched last week, looks to be a winner.


The site’s subtitle is “Everything Arbitration.” While that’s a hefty claim, you can see already that Colin Rule, Melamed’s successor, is ready to take a stab at it. Like its mediation-oriented predecessor, hosts lists of practitioners with easy links to their websites and contact information. It also maintains a home for informed threads of discussion, called “Arbitration Conversations,” and a separate group of threads called “Arbitration TNT” — shorth for “tips-and-tricks,” a place to share experiences and administrative suggestions.

Across the top banner of the home page are links to topic-specific arbitration practices: commercial, government, intellectrual property, international arbitration, and labor and employment. There is also a section for Colin’s favorite topic, “O-Arb.”

The site is intended to attract informed content contributors and one assumes that, with the passage of time, will be a repository of insights in both theory and practice as robust as its mediation sibling. Let’s welcome a new and, one expects, uniquely valuable resource for arbitration students, practitioners and end-users.

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