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Law Review Article on Alternatives to Interest-Based Bargaining

Many colleagues — both professors and practitioners — have kindly supported and encouraged my ongoing inquiry into methods of conflict resolution that are based on assumptions other than self-interest.  These investigations have appeared periodically in this blog and in papers and presentations at various professional meetings and symposia.

The Cardozo Journal of Conflict Resolution has published, in its current issue, my article titled “There Is A World Elsewhere: Preliminary Studies On Alternatives To Interest-based Bargaining.”  As the title suggests, it is a summary of work to date on the continuing investigation on whether interest-based bargaining — or the “Getting to Yes Model” — is a universally applicable analysis of efficient negotiation.

The article appears in the same volume with contributions by such noted authors as Pat Chew, Jonathan Cohen, and Rachel Goldberg and Brian Blancke.  Readers are encouraged to review these thoughtful and probing pieces, all from the November 2011 Symposium on the intriguing topic, “Culture, Religion, and Conflict Resolution: What’s Identity and Faith Got To Do With It?”

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