New IBA Publication: Mediation Techniques

The International Bar Association has published this month an “e-book” on Mediation Techniques, edited by Patricia Barclay and including practical and pointed insights for professionals and end-users alike.

The volume offers a practical collection of tips from — and for — practising mediators of different styles facing different sorts of issues. It aims to be usable both by mediators at an early stage in their career and to more experienced mediators.  Some chapters are aimed at participants in the process, whose sophistication will surely increase as they refer to the volume.

The format is a series of short essays by practitioners covering topics from pre-mediation planning through to post mediation follow through, interspersed with pages of short hints and tips.  Ms. Barclay supplies many of these “tips” and they are very insightful.  As a “e-book,” purchasers have the opportunity to add their own points and to discuss with fellow readers the issues raised, in an online discussion forum created for the book by the IBA.

 The final section of the book deals with the use of mediation in different fields and is intended to provoke debate as to how mediation could be advanced into new areas as well as providing information about topics with which readers may be unfamiliar.  The Table of Contents gives a good sense of the breadth of the topics and the international character of the many distinguished contributors.

There are a lot of good books on commercial mediation out there, but this one clearly claims a unique niche. 


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