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I hope that those attending the ABA Dispute Resolution Section meeting in San Francisco will consider attending the panel at 4:30 Thursday April 8 titled “Gazing Into the Crystal Ball: What Will ADR Be Like in 25 Years?”  The speakers are deeply informed and imaginative.  They include Michelle Leetham of Bechtel, Janet Kloenhamer of Fireman’s Fund, Jay Folberg of JAMS/USF, and Colin Rule of Ebay/PayPal.

During prep sessions it has been difficult to restrain the good humor, lacerating wit, and sheer brilliance of these folks.  They have spent their lives devising ways to anticipate and then manage disputes, and have a lot to say about what might lie ahead. 

Twenty-five years ago people were plugging phone lines into “home micro-computers” and bemoaning Cravath’s setting $60,000 as a starting salary.  I hope that, 25 years hence, ADR processes that commence with the filing of a complaint or demand will be considered quaint.  Anyway, do join them — you won’t regret it.

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  1. Wish I was able to join this particular session and the whole conference.
    This seems an especially good candidate for an “on-line” program given the content.

    The Crystal Ball theme is always an interesting meme as well. Almost annually, the International Ombudsman Association Annual Conference features “Mary Rowe’s Crystal Ball.” Many of you know Mary as the indefatigable Ombuds at MIT for more than a few years. She has created an exceptional historical record showing how Ombuds programs on college campuses, in corporations, at NGOs all over the world, and in the halls of every level of government “hear” issues first, before they emerge into the general management/national conscious.

    Unfortunately, the IOA conference is often scheduled at the same time as the ABA Dispute Resolution Section Meeting. This year that is again the case with the ABADRS in San Francisco and the IOA gathering in New Orleans this very week.

    Hope both are great successes and that this panel in particularly lends us all some clarity about where the broad field of ADR is heading.

    John W. Zinsser
    Managing Principal
    Pacifica Human Communications, LLC.

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